Longview Chihuly Project

Proposed Chihuly Artwork Location

Broadway between 14th and Commerce Ave.
Longview, Wash.

Location, Location, Location

The location is strategic—the study from community revitalization consultants HyattPalma revealed Broadway to be a key access point to Downtown and suggested something significant to draw people to that area. The potential location would also help provide a significant landmark in a proposed Arts District for downtown in close proximity to the theatres and galleries. It can also serve as a gathering point or plaza type area and will become an iconic landmark for our community "meet me at the Chihuly." A Chihuly installation will help expand the enjoyment of downtown and create civic pride.

Arts and Education

Research shows early introduction to the arts advances intellect and curiosity in young minds and improves academic achievement. We have an opportunity to work with schools in the area for arts education with students experiencing world-class art right in our own community. A tie in with Chihuly might also benefit education in other ways perhaps visiting a glass studio or his other work in Tacoma and Seattle. 

Enhancing our quality of place

We secure our place in Art History; enhancing and beginning to change the mindset people have about our community when people think of Cowlitz County. It will raise the level of self-esteem of our community and enhance quality of place. Research shows (Wallace Foundation study) that those who participate in the arts and seek artistic venues are seeking a total experience—they spend more money—travelling to a destination, dining out, buying theatre tickets, purchasing from galleries. Plus it boosts local support for the arts with people staying in town to spend their money and recycling our dollars for enhanced economic base of support as well as attracting tourism dollars—we are easily accessible off I-5 by car or rail.

Defining our Culture

All cultures use art as a way to express their values--what’s important to them. Our level of art representation will help define us. The arts have a lasting significance and define a culture and what is remembered of them--Think Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower, Coliseum, Space Needle, etc. Having a Chihuly can help define our community in a positive way and help define us as not just a tourist destination, but help to establish us as a community with world class art, creating iconic pieces that will change and enhance our identity.